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We’ve spent the last few months working out what’s really important in our business. A period of quiet introspection to help us better understand who we work with, what we do for them and how we could do it better.

The upshot of all this digital soul searching is that we’ve identified the three most important things that we want from our business. It’s been really powerful experience to realise that we’re in control of the way that we work, who we work with and the kind of work that we do.

For us, the number one thing on that list was to generate high quality leads that lead to interesting projects that we can add real, lasting value to. The reason for this being at top was not just financial, but also because we want to work with clients that grow with us and can reap the most benefit from our expertise and experience. We’ve been in this game for almost half our lives, and we’re as passionate about it now as we were 15 years ago when we started out. We want to share our knowledge with clients that can use it!

The second thing on our list was to go ‘virtual’ – we’ve done away with our office and now work completely remotely. The benefits are numerous but our favourite one is skipping the daily commute in favour of an extra hour each day to read up on the latest industry trends with a nice cup of tea.

Our third thing on the wish list was to share our expertise with our clients to help them better understand the work we do and the benefits that it brings. We wanted to share our tried and tested strategies and techniques so that our clients know that we know what we’re doing and hopefully inspire them to do even more exciting and effective campaigns in the future.

To celebrate this new phase of our business we’ve written a fantastic new ebook, “Inbound Marketing & Lead Generation For SME’s” to share with you some of our favourite methods and tools that we use daily to drive traffic, convert clicks and generate revenue. Click here to download your FREE copy today.

To our continued online success, health, wealth and happiness,

Tom and James

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